25 October 2021

Annual General Meeting 24 NOV 2021

25 October 2021

FY2021 Annual Report

03 June 2021

Update from Longevity CEO Brian Sands

In this business update, Longevity’s CEO Brian Sands explains the strategies that are being implemented to bring surety to business sustainability, to deliver consistent capital returns through dividends and to generate consistent capital gain through share price growth over time.

22 April 2021

Shareholder Update

12 March 2021

Business Update

12 February 2021

Closure of Low Volume Market and Likely Impairment

20 January 2021

Annual General Meeting Presentation

20 January 2021

Results from Annual General Meeting

14 January 2021

Shareholder update January 2021

16 December 2020 

Shareholder update December 2020

15 December 2020 

Annual General Meeting to be held 20 Jan 2021

6 November 2020 

Low Volume Market Re-opening 6 November 2020

5 November 2020 

Shareholder Announcement Strategy Update

4 November 2020 

Appointment of two Directors

14 October 2020 

Presentation from General Meeting held on 13 Oct 2020

13 October 2020 

Results from General Meeting held today, 13 Oct 2020

17 September 2020 

Shareholder update Dividend Payment

16 September 2020 

Shareholder Update

16 September 2020 

September Shareholder update

16 September 2020 

Change to Executive Management

7 September 2020 

Dividend Payment

3 September 2020 

Second Extraordinary General Meeting called

28 August 2020 

Cease Trade of Low Volume Market & Requisition for EGM

26 August 2020 

Appointment of Phillip Altieri as Director

13 August 2020 

Temporary Office Closure under Stage 4 Restrictions

21 July 2020 

Shareholder Registration Number (SRN) reissued to  Shareholders

15 July 2020 

Low Volume Market Re-opening on 20 July 2020 announcement

3 July 2020 

Class Ruling Income Tax Share Buyback announcement

30 June 2020 

Extraordinary General Meeting voting results announcement

29 June 2020 

Changed tax treatment for the period ending 30 June 2019

16 June 2020 

Share Buyback Results Announcement

15 June 2020 

Shareholder Update

29 May 2020 

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

May 2020 

Share Buy-back Booklet

April 2020 

Notice to Shareholders for Share Buy-back

April 2020 

Notice to Shareholders for Requisition and Cease Trade of Low Volume Market

March 2020 

Shareholder Bulletin March

December 2019 

Proposed Share Buy-Back

November 2019 

Shareholder Newsletter

November 2019 

Annual General Meeting Presentation

November  2018

Company  Announcement – Sale of 487 Swan Street, Richmond

July 2018

Shareholder Announcement – The Mornington

Update on sale of The Mornington

December 2017

Report from the Chairman

Annual General Meeting Update

October 2017

Chairman’s Message

Longevity Group Australia –  Voting for the change of name.

May 2017

Longevity Launch Panel Discussion

View video footage of our recent Longevity Group Australia launch discussion.

View video

March 2017

Press Release

Longevity Group Australia, the next step in the evolution of the Transport Friendly Society

November 2016

Message from Chairman and trading name change to Longevity Group Australia

This years Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) on Wednesday 23 November 2016, was well attended.

March 2016

Shareholder Newsletter

As 2015 drew to a close  TFSL was able to reflect on its achievements throughout the year and further refine its plan for continued success in 2016.

1 July 2015

Tax Cost Base

TFSL provides information to shareholders on the tax costs of TFSL shares issued to them on demutualisation. Click on the link below to download the announcement.

4 May 2015

TFSL CEO Half Year Message 2014

Derek Cafferty, TFSL CEO, announces the release of the TFSL financial report for the half-year ending 31 December 2014. Click on the link below to download the announcement.

26 February 2015

Centrelink asset test form

In early February 2015 many shareholders will have received a letter from Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) which is a yearly review of individual income streams; this is something that the Government conducts each year.

As a result, TFSL has received a number of queries from shareholders, who have expressed some confusion in relation to declaring their shares when completing the Centrelink Asset Test Form.

24 November 2014

TFSL 2014 AGM Presentation

18 September 2014

TFSL Announces Strategic Realignment

TFSL has a proud history of delivering a range of services including aged care and private health insurance however after an exhaustive strategic review of stakeholders and an analysis of the current and future needs of stakeholders, the Board recognised the time was right for significant change.