Asked Questions

Asked Questions

  • Why can’t Longevity Group Australia Ltd answer some of my queries?

    To ensure that all Shareholder concerns are managed promptly, LGA  has appointed Computershare as the Share Registry to respond to all Shareholder enquiries to avoid mistakes and confusion. We ask you to contact Computershare directly for matters relating to:

    • a change of address, 
    • declaration of a deceased estate and 
    • the reissue of statements relating to your allocation of Shares or verification of membership.
  • How do I find out how many Shares I have?

    You should have received an Issuer Holding Statement from Computershare. If you cannot locate your statement, Computershare can reissue you with a duplicate Issuer Holding Statement. You can contact the Computershare on 1300 850 505 or email
  • What is the current market price of my LGA Shares?

    LGA  does not hold a Financial Services License and cannot legally provide advice relating to market value. Information which may assist you in determining the value of your Shares can be found on the LGA  website.
  • How do I sell my LGA (formerly TFSL) Shares?

    As a Shareholder in an unlisted Public Company, two options are available to you to sell your Shares.

    • Option 1: Find your own buyer and agree on a price and complete an off-market transfer. Forms for this type of transfer can be obtained from Computershare.

    Option 2: LGA is operating a Low Volume Market. Details of the operation of this market are contained on the LGA  website. A Low Volume Market allows you (the Shareholder) to register an interest to sell your Shares at a price that you determine. These interests to sell are advertised on the LGA  website via [add link] Register of Interests. If a potential buyer registers an interest, then LGA  will endeavour to match them with a registered seller.

  • I’ve changed my mailing address, who do I notify?

    If you have changed your mailing address, please contact Computershare on 1300 850 505 or email
  • Can my Issuer Holding Statement be sent by email?

    No, the Issuer Holding Statement cannot be sent by email.
  • Can I have my name changed on my holding?

    To register your Shares in your new name you will need to complete a Change of Name Form which you can download here Change of Name Form.


    Once you have completed this form you will need to send it to Computershare with supporting documentation. Details of what you need to include are on the form. You can download this form by logging into the Share Registry online by clicking here Computershare Investor Centre or by telephoning 1300 850 505.

  • I want to transfer my Shares to a family member or another person. How do I do this?

    If you would like to transfer the ownership of your Shares to another person, you will need to complete a Standard Transfer Form which you can download here [link to Accosec form]. You can also log into the Share Registry online by clicking here Computershare Investor Centre or by telephoning 1300 850 505.


    You will need to quote your SRN which you can find on your Issuer Holding Statement in order to complete the Transfer Form.

  • Are there any fees or charges to pay if I transfer my Shares?

    LGA will not charge any fees to the Seller or the Buyer. There is no fee payable by a shareholder if an off-market transfer is to be effected.
  • I need to notify the Share Registry that the Shareholder has passed away.

    Please call Computershare on 1300 850 505 or email, who will put you in touch with the deceased estates department to assist you with this process.
  • What happens to shares in the event of death of a Shareholder?

    In the event of a Shareholders death, the executor of your Will or other legal personal representative is the only person recognised by the Company as having any title or interest in your shares. They would need to contact Computershare and confirm the details of the proposed transferee and provide evidence of their entitlement and election to be registered as a shareholder. We recommend that you seek your own independent legal advice in relation to your Will to ensure that your shares will be transferred in accordance with your wishes.

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