In many ways, we might be considered a startup in the property sector, but we’ve actually been around since 1888.

We were first known as the Melbourne Tramway Employees Mutual Benefits Society. We looked after the needs of tramways workers and their families by providing sickness and funeral benefits. As the organisation grew and the needs of the members changed, we began offering broader services to the entire transport sector and eventually became Transport Friendly Society or TFSL.

In 2014 TFSL demutualized and was no longer a not for profit organisation. We divested our health insurance, dental and aged care business and retained ownership of a retirement village and serviced apartments on the Mornington Peninsula.

On November 22, 2017 shareholders voted to officially change the company name from Transport Friendly Society Ltd to Longevity Group Australia Ltd, thus moving the company into the future and removing any confusion around the company’s current business model and product offering.

The vision is to build on our strengths and develop innovative solutions.

Today, under the banner of Longevity Group Australia Ltd, we’ve developed an innovative way to continue doing what we’ve always done: improving the quality of people’s lives.

With our experience, Longevity discovered a gap in the thinking and approach to next stage living for empty nesters. This presented a significant market opportunity for a unique property solution that satisfied both lifestyle aspirations and financial security needs.

Longevity Group Australia Ltd is now a company which designs, builds and delivers innovative homes for empty nesters. Working with a carefully selected team, Longevity proudly builds townhouses and apartments that are designed to the “Livable Housing Guidelines”.

Longevity creates beautiful spaces, then researches and acquires suitable sites that bring their product directly to their customers’ doorstep. We keep people in their communities, living in purpose built accommodation for longer than ever believed possible.